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Library Advisory-Committee

Library committee which works as on advisory body for the college library under the chairmanship of the principal.

Committee meets at regular intervals, reviews the budgetary provision and makes recommendation for better management of the library.

 1. Dr. N.H. Pathan - Chairman

 2. Shri. D. D. Virutkar - Secretary

 3. Shri. S.D. Giripunje - Member

 4. Dr. P.B. Bawankule - Member

 5. Shri. M.A. Gudadhe - Member

 6. Dr. Sheela U. Narwade - Member

 7. Shri. S.U. Ugemuge - Member

 8. Shri. Atul D. Alyadwar - Member

 9. Chetan B. Burande - Student Representative