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”Chintamani College of Science, Pombhurna, Dist. Chandrapur was established in the year 2008 and was approved by educational regulatory body of Directorate of Higher Education of Maharashtra State Government, Pune in September 2009 and later on by UGC, New Delhi. Being the first science college in tehsil of Chandrapur district secured 100% grant and listed under section of 2F of UGC. The population of Pombhurna tehsil mainly covers tribal population and includes SC, ST and NT communities. The people from these communities are economically and educationally backward. Due to less literacy and awareness of educational facilities proposed by state and central government known to students of this area, the students are unable to get their higher education after high school. Hence to fulfill the educational need of these students the college has its own aim to literate the young students to get their own ability to stand in this modern and developed community to create his/her own identity. ”