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Chintamani College of Science is a student-centric institution. All the curricular and extracurricular activities undertaken at the college is always aim to inspire the students to excel in academics and other areas of specialization. The most commendable and remarkable feature is that that the college works unitedly as an enthusiastic team of students and faculty members who are focused to strive for the betterment of the institution. I welcome on my behalf and on behalf of the college to all the visitors of our college website. It is an opportunity for us to showcase the educational road map that our institute has drawn for bettering the society by imparting value based education. It is also heartening to inform each one of you that the sacred objectives laid out by our founding fathers long years ago have now been realized to the optimum extent. We believe in incremental growth. By that we mean to heighten the educational standard of the students and their status as the citizens of our country. I welcome your suggestions, if any, to better our institution. Thank you.



I extend you a warm reception to this college affiliated to R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur and Gondwana University, Gadhchiroli. I have all appreciation for you to have chosen this college for shaping your careers in the fields of basic science. I am sure you feel corporate life, friendly environment and devoted teaching and non-teaching staff. All these things have resulted in developing positive attitude among you all students. Dear Students , while welcoming you to this temple of higher learning, I also expect you to share the afore said responsibilities and thus contribute your might not only towards bringing a good name to this institute but also towards becoming good citizens with added responsibilities.



Science education in India has undergone a tremendous shift in the last two decades. The science and technology provide new choice of a career which not only empowers young minds to take up social causes but also the opportunities present in a growing globalized world. In this regard our mission is to produce scientists who are technically sound, professionally competent and socially relevant. At our college we sincerely intend and endeavor to provide the knowledge through the efforts of the faculty that make the learning process interesting, participative, simulative and multi-dimensional and dynamic. You can fulfill our anticipation only if you share the dream and passion to achieve it.


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