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Sau. Vrushali S. Dontulwar

‘Vidya Dhan Sarva Dhan Pradhanam’ means wealth of knowledge is prime to all kinds of wealth. Knowledge is the best charity and wise person is the richest person. Therefore, Chintamani College of Commerce, Pombhurna was started in 2009 to provide higher education facilities to the students of tribal and backward areas of Pombhurna. Rural students should acquire knowledge, skills and quality to fulfill the wishes, aspirations and needs of the society by strengthening the foundation of their life. Young generation should acquire commercial skills and apply it the world of commerce and industry and thereby achieve individual and social development. The college is working towards providing various opportunities for students to develop their knowledge, qualities, skills and abilities. The college has the availability of a good educational environment that creates future citizens. The college is ready for various social, cultural and educational development of the society



Er. Swapnil V. Dontulwar

Chintamani College is continuously spreading the light of knowledge in rural areas. The college is dedicated to the overall development of students and society. Other aspects like professional skills, professional knowledge, communication skills, leadership qualities, self-discipline are being focused on. College environment is evolving day by day to make the teaching and learning process more effective and rewarding. To meet the social, economic, educational, cultural, industrial, environmental needs of the society, we focus on imparting quality education to our students for their holistic development. The main objective of the college is to serve the students from socially and economically backward areas of the society. On behalf of the college, I wish you all the best to participate in the journey of knowledge to achieve our goal of all-round development and progressive advancement.



 Dr. Madhukar Nakshine

Pombhurna is a rural and backward area. Late Principal Vasantrao L. Dontulwarji and his friends buildup foundation of higher education. Chintamani College of Commerce Pombhurna was started in 2009 by the renowned Dontulwar family, a philanthropist, social reformer and high personality, to realize their dream of imparting higher education to rural, tribal, economically and socially backward areas. Mainly this college affiliated with R. T. M. University Nagpur. After the establishment of the new state university in 2012, the affiliation shifted to Gondwana University Gadchiroli. The present dynamic secretary of the institute and the group of dedicated individuals under his guidance are always striving to provide quality education. The college is continuously contributing to imparting knowledge for the bright future of the needy youth of the area. The college is making necessary efforts to bring students from rural areas into the mainstream and will continue to work towards creating better human resources and responsible citizens for the bright future of India.