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This Society was formed by Late Shri. Vasantrao L. Dontulwar Late Shri. Vasant Dontulwar was born on 8th of August 1945. He did his schooling in Deolmari Distt: Gadchiroli. Maharashtra. He got his Graduate's Degree from Janta College Chandrapur, and after a year he joined as a Lecturer in M.J.F College Ballarpur.


Our Vision

β€œThe chintamani group of institution intends to fulfill requirement of higher education in rural through the development of knowledge , skills and abilities in young generation to be successful in this competitive world.”


Our Mission

β€œ The mission of our institution to realize the above vision by providing platform to the students for inculcation of knowledge , skill and abilities with academic development to create wisdom.”



The institution will spend every effort to have the above vision and mission through the achieving the following goals.

  1. Provide and up to date, stimulating and effective learning in basic education for the students.
  2. Provide students with essential and sufficient background in basic education as required by their departments.
  3. To encourage the students to attain graduation degree.
  4. To orient the students to overcome the problem of poverty, unemployment, inequality, illiteracy, superstition and religious obscurant-ism etc..

Core Values

  1. To motivate the students for the personality development and skill building.
  2. To empower the students for work places and make them ideal citizen.
  3. Allow students to enjoy the beauty of basic education in life.
  4. To provide higher education to the large number of student.