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Shri Samarth Shikshan Sanstha Aheri Dist : Gadchiroli was founded by Shri. Prashant Rajjanaji Dontulwar in the year 2007 with strong support of Shri. Swapnil Vasantraoji Dontulwar and inspired by Late Shri Vasant Lachayyaji Dontulwar and Late Dr. Vaibhav Vasantraoji Dontulwar.Under its aegis, Chintamani College of Arts and Science, Gondpipri, Dist: Chandrapur spreads its presence in 1.8 hectare Ar. in the middle of prime governmental buildings including Panchayat Samiti, Government Adivasi Hostels, Government Subsidised grain godown ,Gramin Rugnalay. The college has been serving and facilitating quality higher education to students since 2009 initally on non grant basis for both the faculties Science as well as Arts and Science faculty on grant basis from Jan 2013,with this becoming the first ever higher education institute offering advanced subjects in Taluka .The institution got its first fulltime principal Dr. C.A. Nikhade; same year in September .The institution is located in Gondpipri taluka blessed with green vegetation, adventitious flora fauna all around, enriched with biodiversity. Earlier the Naxal recognized area with often trials started around 50 Km from institutes’ location, the college in initial years indirectly contributed to mental restructuring of nearby population who lived under threat .

With changing scenario in education suited to developing India our college has started career oriented degree level courses in the specialized subjects such as Computer Science, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry ,Geography, Home economics, Zoology, Botany etc. besides Arts. The teaching staff is enthusiastic, co-operative ,highly educated and engaged in research activity. The institution is running with the thought “Vidya dhan ,sarva dhan pradhanam” to bring about the educational and cultural development of rural people. Our key emphasis headed for attaining improved standard of education and widen the research outreach program in the educationally underdeveloped area .Institute always command for inclusive and innovative learning communities ,for-casting and helping students,the economy and society. One of the strength of college also attributed to its keenness towards girl education.