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This Society was formed by Late Principal Shri. Vasantrao L. Dontulwar. He was born on 8th of August 1945. He completed his schooling at village Deolmari, Distt: Gadchiroli. Maharashtra. He got his UG and PG degree from Janta Mahavidyalaya Chandrapur, an esteemed educational institute of a district. Later he joined as a lecturer at M.J.F. college, Ballarpur, Dist. Chandrapur.After that he rendered his services as professor and Principal at Shri. Shivaji College , Rajura, Dist. Chandrapur.
While performing a job of Principal, he opened an educational institute particularly for students of rural, tribal and naxalite areas for a noble cause.


Our Vision

Chintamani Mahavidyala intends to fulfill requirement of higher education in rural, tribal and naxalite area through development of knowledge, skill and abilities in young generation to be successful in this competitive world. The college has committed to provide teaching with modern educational tools, principles, transparent and visionary management and to create ability among students to become ideal citizens.


Our Mission

The mission of our institution is to realize the above vision by providing platform to the students of tribal and naxalite area for inculcation of knowledge, skill and abilities with academic development to create wisdom and intellectual zeal.



The institution will strive to have the above vision and mission

  1. To provide an up to date, stimulating and effective learning in the basic education as required by their departments.
  2. To keep up the highest followed standards applied nationally and internationally in equipping students with excellent scientific backgrounds in basic education.
  3. Enforce the fact that basic education is usually considered as indicator of the success for students in their undergraduate studies.
  4. To gain self sufficiency through revenue generation by offering various subject based on latest educational programmes.
  5. To cultivate the spirit of creativity and innovation among students.

Core Values

  1. Developing respect for Nation, Cultural, Symbols and humanity.
  2. Developing responsibility towards Society.
  3. Providing equal opportunity without any discrimination of gender, caste, race, or disability.
  4. Embracing diversity with integrity.
  5. Developing creativity, motivation, honesty, integrity with discliplined commitment.