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Chintamani institution intends to fulfill requirement of higher education in rural area though development of knowledge, skills and abilities in young generation to be successful in this competitive world.



To provide platform to rural students for inculcation of knowledge, professional skills and enhancement of dynamic abilities with academic, social and economic development to create wisdom.



  1. To provide basic and advanced curriculum based knowledge to the rural students.

  2. To inculcate professional skills for the fulfillment of market need.

  3. To strengthen the students for local and urban employment.

  4. To provide advanced academic system for overall development of the rural student.

  5. To integrate the rural population with social & cultural reforms.

  6. To enhance the entrepreneurial skill for economic development in the students.


Core Values:    

  1. To create students as moral, value based and good citizens for healthy democracy.

  2. To preparing young generation as skilled and quality Human Resource for national development.

  3. To maintain equality in respect of religion, caste, race, gender, physical fitness, region or any discrimination.

  4. To embrace inclusion for all diversities.

  5. To inculcate desired economic, social, environmental and cultural values & reforms in students.

  6. To place the example of ideological life with purity, peace, love, happiness, joy, confidence, honesty, truthfulness, respect, discipline, cooperation, helpfulness and motivation.